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Are These Classes for Me?

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. This program helps to answer many of the questions you have and ease your anxiety. You can watch a video, and with each lesson you complete, you will earn Baby Bucks to purchase baby supplies in our Mommy and Me Closet.  

Many people want to learn how to be good parents and raise a healthy, happy child. Wouldn't it be great to KNOW that you are being a GREAT parent and to know that you are doing what you need to do to raise your child right? Our center staff is available to provide support and resources during this time of transition and change. The lessons are fun, interesting, and practical.  We can help you learn how to be the best parent you can be!

Benefits of the Bright Course Curriculum

1. Researched, Documented, and Physician Reviewed and Approved

Our curriculum is created by Heritage House 76, an organization that focuses on mothers and their babies.  Each lesson is made using study-based research that is documented from reputable sources, including The AAP, CDC, and FDA. Each lesson is then reviewed and approved by a physician to ensure recommendations are presented accurately. 

2. Targeted for the Millenial Generation

Each video is tested by millennials to ensure an appropriate target audience.  Videos share important and relevant information that parents will be able to use in the world we live today. 

3. The curriculum is used by thousands of Pregnancy Resource Centers 

Because so many pregnancy resource centers all across America use this curriculum, you can be assured that it has been thoroughly experienced and tested by thousands of women and men. The feedback received is outstanding.  

"I enjoy the knowledge I receive. I was amazed by the amount of information I was given. It all makes me feel more comfortable with what I am going through, because I know more about what to expect."

-Nichole, Expecting Mother

"This program has been a blessing for me. I am expecting my fourth child and I have learned so much I never knew about. I have the ability to earn Baby Bucks to be able to purchase anything from diapers and clothes to car seats. This program has helped me and everyone is so wonderful here."

-Mother expecting her fourth child

"I really appreciate this program. It's interesting and a lot of help to me and my family. I really didn't know how I was going to make it before I took these classes!"

- Mother of a 3 year-old & infant

Lesson Topics

Bright Course has many great topics from which to choose. You can expect to learn important information from the first trimester to a few months after birth to different toddler stages.  If  a mother is single, or is putting the child up for adoption, there are also special lessons for these particular cases. Bright Course curriculum includes educational material for just about any and all pregnancy related questions and concerns.  Below, find example topic choices and the entire lesson list as a pdf to look at. Give us a call or come in today and we can work together to make a plan that is best for you!


First Trimesterincluding Prenatal Care, Eating for Two, Your Developing Baby, and what to expect at your first ultrasound appointment.
Second Trimesterincluding Emotions of Pregnancy, Bonding with your Baby, and Your Changing Body.
Third Trimesterincluding Getting Ready for Baby, Birth Coaching, and Big Belly Mommy Hacks.
Pregnancy Special Circumstances


Labor and Delivery
Breast Feeding including Why Breastfeeding, Going Back to Work, Formula Feeding, and Problems and Solutions.
Infant Care including Infant Expectations and Infant Hygiene.
Infant Medical Care including Infant SIDS, and Infant Accidents and Illnesses.
Infant Strategies including Infant Nutrition, Baby on the Move, and Sleep and Crying.
Mommy Strategies including Moms With Careers, and Nutrition for Moms.
Infant Bonding
Infant Milestones


Toddler Milestones
Toddler Parenting Strategies including Sleeping, Bedtimes and Mornings, Tantrums, Whining, and Potty Training.
Parenting Your Toddler's Heart
Toddler Medical including Toddler CPR, Toddler Safety, and Toddler Accidents and Illnesses.
This curriculum was created by Heritage House 76.  Permission was obtained to use their information. Visit them by clicking here.