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Baby Bottle Campaign

How it works

Our campaigns are really easy to set up and do not require a lot of hands on work!  We will deliver a set amount of baby bottles to your church or organization.  Over the course of 3-4 weeks, your members take a bottle home, fill it with spare change, cash, or checks, and return the bottle on the designated collection date.  A member of our staff will then come and collect the filled baby bottles after the campaign is completed! It really is that simple! 

The Process

1.  Decide how many baby bottles your church or organization needs

For a church of 100-200 people, we usually distribute 50-75 bottles.  If your church has a smaller or larger organization, you can request bottles accordingly.  We only ask that you please encourage your members to return all taken baby bottles, both full and empty.   Because this fundraiser runs all year for us and various churches take part, we recycle all of our bottles.  When bottles are not returned, we have to purchase new bottles to replace the old ones. 

2. Choose the campaign dates

There are so many dates to choose from throughout the year!  There are no set times that are required, but most of our previous campaigns lasted 3-4 weeks.  You only must choose a starting Sunday and an ending Sunday! For example, you can schedule it as a "back to school" campaign through the month of August, a "Valentine's gift of love" campaign through the month of February, or a "Mother's day celebration" campaign throughout the month of May.  Having a theme for your campaign allows your members to associate the holiday with the donation time.  If you need help deciding between dates, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help!

3.  Schedule a time

We have made it easy to schedule your next campaign! You can either fill out the form below, or give us a call at (304)-697-0411.  Whether you give us a call or submit the form online, we will ask for your organization's contact information, number of bottles requested, and a start time/end time.   

4.  Advertise and Announce 

In order to make your members aware of the campaign, we encourage you to include an announcement piece in your weekly church bulletin that tells about the Baby Bottle Campaign.  Our organization has a short 2 minute video clip you can include in your video morning announcement the first Sunday of distribution. As the weeks progress, continue to gently remind your congregation about the campaign.  On the week before collection Sunday, make an announcement to remind everyone to bring all the bottles back, full or empty, the next week.

Ready to Schedule a Campaign?

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