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baby supplies

Raising a child is an expensive task. The material items needed are astounding. At A New Beginning, we offer a way to assist the clients with this task. Baby supplies are available to those clients who participate in our classes. By participating in the program, our clients earn "baby bucks."  At each appointment clients may earn up to 4 bucks and with these baby bucks the client can purchase most of the materials they need for taking care of their baby for up to two years after birth. 

What can I purchase?

Items are either gently used donated items or new items. 
  • baby clothing
  • diapers
  • baby wipes
  • cribs and mattresses
  • socks/shoes
  • strollers
  • high chairs
  • blankets
  • bottles
  • pacifiers
  • safety items
  • maternity clothing
  • much, much more!