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Why Adoption?

In the face of an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is one option to consider.  Although adoption planning seems like a daunting task, the process has really changed in the past few years.  The major changes have all involved giving more control to mothers.  Modern adoption is 100% voluntary where parents make an plan and choose the family they will place the baby in.  Through adoption, adoptive parent(s) and expectant mothers join forces for the good of a child who will benefit from the love provided by both families. 

The Facts 

  • You can choose the family.
  • You can choose the agency or organization you work with.
  • You can choose how opened or closed the adoption is and dictate how much ongoing contact to have with your child. 
  • You can choose how things go throughout the pregnancy and at the hospital during delivery.
  • You can choose the timing of your child's placement. 
  • In most cases, adoption is of no cost to the birthparent.