"Helping Others find their 
New Beginning in Christ" 

Letter From The Director

I am pleased you have an interest in learning more about A New Beginning Pregnancy Resource Center.  Whether you are here to gather more information about your new pregnancy—wanted or unwanted—and what resources we provide, or whether you are simply looking for more information about who we are, I am thrilled you have found our website. From the very beginning of our organization, our mission has always been to provide resources, education, and counsel to women and men that is both loving and compassionate.  Our curriculum program is designed to take young women and men and teach them vital information about the growth of their baby, changes to expect during pregnancy, and what to expect after the baby’s birth.

One of the top reasons young women seek abortion is because of financial concerns surrounding raising a child.  Our center acknowledges this concern and wants to help minimize this for clients so that they choose to not have an abortion. Our clients can shop for items essential for a baby and toddler at our Mommy and Me Closet with “Baby Bucks” earned during an educational session.  Our center also provides post-abortion counseling for those who have went through this emotional and physical process.  There is a hope of forgiveness, love, and healing for these individuals.  If you are dealing with the after effects of an abortion, I encourage you to contact us to schedule judgement free, compassionate, one-on-one counseling.

As a mother of two grown children, I have first hand experience of raising kids. I know the struggles and difficulties of pregnancy and what young mothers go through.  God has given me this incredible opportunity to share details of my own path of motherhood with those individuals starting the process.  For more information about our center, please browse our website! If you have any questions, want further information, or wish to schedule your first appointment, please contact us!


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