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Parent Your Child 

Another option to an unplanned pregnancy is to parent your child.  We at A New Beginning understand just how anxiety provoking this decision can be. How will I care for my child? How will I be able to provide the necessary supplies that a baby requires? What does actually parenting a child look like? What if I won't be a good parent?  All of these questions have been asked in one form or another by parents embarking on a new pregnancy.

We understand just how scary the process of raising a child can seem and A New Beginning wants to provide as many resources as we can to ease the worry and anxiety.  Through our parenting classes we teach expecting parents about changes they will experience as the pregnancy progresses, how to care for themselves and their newborn and toddler, and other life skills necessary in raising a child.  With each parenting class clients attend, baby bucks earned can be used in our Mommy and Me Closet to purchase items that are important in caring for children.

We would love to talk to you if you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are wondering what the next step is.  Let us introduce you to our center and our program and see the many resources we have to offer you as you embark on this new and exciting journey!

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