Our Staff

Diane Bilbrey

"I’ve been the Director of A New Beginning for the last three years. I love working with our volunteers and love how they share a caring spirit for our clients. We appreciate each client and are touched they choose to place their trust in us to help them. We love the multitude of classes that are offered and have heard good feedback from our clients about them. Could A New Beginning help you in some way? Please give us a call; we’d be happy to answer any of your questions! 304-697-0411"


"I have volunteered at ANB for three years. I am excited every time I walk into this little house because I have seen how God has blessed this ministry over the years! Diane is a great director and I am thankful for all the wisdom and grace she brings to the center. We have such wonderful clients and it is a joy to talk to, pray with, and walk alongside these lovely women and their families!"


“I’ve been a volunteer at A New Beginning for 2 years. As a Christian I knew I needed to be serving and working more for the Lord. As I began to pray the Lord led Diane to my Wednesday night class at my church. As she was speaking I knew that [ANB] is where I was supposed to serve. I really enjoy getting to work with our clients one on one and getting to know them and help in whatever way I can. I pray that I can show them the love of Jesus!! I’m grateful that God has given me this opportunity!!”


“I recently started back volunteering at ANB. I volunteered a few years ago but my job had a conflict with the schedule so I had to stop. I retired from my job as a dental assistant this year. As a Christian and a supporter of Pro-Life, serving the Lord at ANB is very encouraging. I love to see client's lives changed in a positive way. Working with Diane and the other volunteers is very encouraging, too.”

Timothy Bilbrey

"I began volunteering at A New Beginning when Diane became the Director, since I’m her husband.  I started out being the handyman, but when fathers came for parenting classes, I began working with them.  I’m impressed that we have young men who want to break the cycle they grew up in, without growing up having good examples of what a loving parent should be."


 "I have been volunteering at ANB for about 8-9 months. I am a Jesus Follower, Wife, Mother of 3 girls, and Writer. I have been a supporter of the Pro-Life movement since the early 90s and decided that it was about time I took action and did more than just pray and fill baby bottles with loose change. So, now I spend Wednesday mornings at the center doing odd jobs and processing donations. I enjoy working behind the scenes to be sure that Moms who choose life have the support they need to thrive."


“I have been volunteering at ANB since August [2021]! I am a full-time graduate student at Marshall University, and love that this ministry allows me to be involved in the Huntington community! The Lord has allowed me to see Him work in ways that only He can since becoming a volunteer at ANB, and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to be part of this ministry! Please reach out to me or any of our other awesome volunteers if you have any questions about what we do at ANB!”