What kind of items do we accept?

Because donation items are made available for parents to take home, we ask that all items be gently used and in good condition, or brand new upon donation.  If you have items to donate, a question to ask yourself is "would I be willing to take this item home if I were a client at the center?"  If the answer is no, it would probably be best to not donate the item.  If the answer is yes, then we will take the item!  In the past we have received almost any type of donation relating to babies and pregnancy, including but not limited to:  baby clothes, high chairs, car seats, blankets, cribs, maternity and non-maternity adult women clothing, safety items, diapers, baby wipes, baby toys, etc.  The list of possible donations is endless! 

Do we accept items from homes where smoking has taken place?

No.  At A New Beginning, we are trying to teach our parents good habits in regards to parenting.  We encourage parents to keep their children away from first, second, and third-hand smoking. 

When can I donate?

During business hours, just bring your donation into our center.  On days where we are closed, any items can be left on the porch outside of the center.