Our new ramp entrance!

From July 12- 16, we watched a group of ten people (adults and teenagers) replace our ramp.  This ramp is an aid to our pregnant clients who find climbing steps a bit of a challenge, as well as our clients that bring their children in strollers.  We had a sign on the old ramp that warned people to be careful not to trip over the warped boards.  Each morning this group started their workday in prayer.  They began the project by tearing down the old ramp, putting the old boards at the curb.  Then they started replacing and pouring cement to hold the posts firm.  Each day we saw it become transformed by this small group, some who had built ramps before, others who had never used a hammer before.  But they were a team, even though they didn’t know each other before this week.  They had a common bond, it was Jesus and He was displayed in their testimonies.  People passing by would stop and watch.  Some of them asked if they could have the old boards.  One did woodworking and filled his small car twice, another one wanted it for their fence they were building.  Today we have a new ramp, a safe ramp.  Thank you World Changers of Huntington for providing the materials and workers for this needed ramp. 
As I think about the team of workers, I think of the team at A New Beginning.  We are here to help moms and dads in their journey, easing the climb of parenting and helping them not to trip on the warped practices of selfish ambitions that some of their parents had while raising them.  We pray for our clients.  We love on their children.  We teach them how to improve their parenting skills.  We hope to be the light of Jesus to them.  And though some clients are worn out and ready to give up, we try to show them that there’s still a lot they have to offer.  Like those old boards that were recycled for other jobs, our clients still have a purpose - to be the best parent for their children.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have a part in our client’s lives, and we are grateful for THE World Changer: Jesus Christ.



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